Create a Construction Directory

Do you have experience in the field of general contracting? Have you ever worked on a building construction site? Do you have many contacts in the construction industry? If so, then there is a great way for you to put these contacts and experience to work for you.You will start an extensive directory of local or statewide employers in the construction industry. You can post them on a website and let your customers pay a fee to access the directory. You will need to keep it completely up to date at all times. This will allow people with experience in the construction industry, no matter what their specialty is, to find an employer. This will also aid people when they decide to relocate and want to find a job in their field of expertise in a new location.For an additional fee, you can keep track of which positions that these construction companies are trying to fill, also include any intern positions that are available to people who are trying to break into the construction industry. You can easily find out what positions are available by scouring newspapers and job search sites. You should also call construction companies, big and small, and let them know that you are trying to help them fill their positions. Find out what kind of help they need, the level of experience they would prefer, and find out if they know others in the construction field who are also looking for help. Most general contractors also maintain a personal network of specialty contractors in their area who they refer clients to. Ask them for information on these contacts. Most will happily give you this information.Remember that people in the general population often need work performed for their home or small business and will want to find a reputable person or business to perform this work. Your directory service would be an invaluable resource for them as well.You can also allow people who access your site to add their names and contact information so that businesses in the construction industry who are looking for people to fill their positions can find them easily. This will do two things. It will encourage people who are looking for jobs to continue their subscriptions to your directory service. The second benefit of having this additional directory, is that businesses in the construction field will happily provide you with their personnel needs to add to your directory and they will also let you know about additional construction jobs that may be coming on the horizon. By creating directories that benefit both potential employees and potential employers, you will create a pool of persons who not only return to your site frequently but also refer others in their field.Remember that there are many kinds of construction jobs. Allow your customers to search your database by the type of construction job and by location. Here is a sample list of the types of jobs that you will want to help construction companies fill:- Electrical- Drywall- Masonry- Site managers- Plastering- Paving- Roofing- Demolition- Excavation- HVAC- Painting- Framing- Dredging- Landscaping- Plumbing- Flooring- Drilling- Insulation- Carpentry- Restoration