How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Free Construction Leads in Five Steps

While you are desperately searching for construction jobs to bid on, others brag about generating more leads than they actually need. You see their companies growing and taking over the market, while you struggle to avoid bankruptcy. If you happen to get into a conversation during a local meeting or constructions conventions, they laugh at you saying that they owe it all to their LinkedIn profile.It is all a lie. You have been active on LinkedIn for years, you have a great profile, a lot of connections, and, yet, no leads. Do they know something that you don’t? Are they only lying to distract you?Indeed, LinkedIn is a great place to start generating construction project leads, and, contrary to what you may be thinking, you do not have to spend hours every day updating your account, adding connections and writing nonsense. There are only five simple steps that you need to follow, and the results will undoubtedly begin to show up.The 1st Step: Make a Commitment for One Week DayYou could commit to connect with five or ten present or previous business associates. Just by sending them an invitation, you manage to capture their attention and, the next time they or someone they know need construction services of any kind, your name may be the first to come up.The 2nd Step: Join 15 Construction Related Groups in One Month It does not matter if you join one group every two days or three-four groups at the end of the week, the purpose is to exceed the 2-3 limit that many people and companies stick to. It is time you got out of the box and started thinking out of the box, and these groups are a great way to begin.As a member, you will also see whenever new construction jobs to bid appear, and, thus, have the chance to bid for them or at least get to know the requirements and prepare the necessary workmanship and equipment offers for future bids.The 3rd Step: in Every New Group That You Have Joined, on Each of the First Five Days after Joining, Start a DiscussionBelieve it or not, it will help you to make a lot of new friends and even earn their respect and admiration, assuming that you start discussions of interest. These discussions can actually include links to your website or to photos or videos of certain projects that you have completed. You can never know when someone needs the same services and remembers what you did.The 4th Step: Access the Answers Section and Answer at Least 2 Questions a Week. Besides creating a positive image of yourself as a professional and of your business in general, you can also include backlinks to your website, information on your most successful projects. This way, you create the premises for generating construction project leads easily.The 5th Step: Take Advantage of All of LinkedIn Tools and Features.You can create DirectAds with links to your website or to your previous projects’ portfolio, use the ReadingList to show your interests or the WordPress application to educate your target clients. These tools and applications may not help you find new construction jobs to bid, but will allow you to become a powerful presence online without too much effort.Measure Your Efforts and the Results They BringThe results will, obviously, depend on what you do and how you do it. Some of these steps may prove more helpful than others, so it is up to you to track and evaluate the results they bring and to find the most profitable balance for your business.It is important that you spend little to nothing on this marketing stage of your business, and that you do not invest more than 10 to 15 minutes a day in the above described steps, perhaps a bit more in the beginning, until you find your rhythm.The results are guaranteed by the specific of LinkedIn as a social environment in itself. Since it focuses on the professional side of its users’ life, it will allow you to connect with your target clients, to keep in touch with your existing clients and even to spy on your competition, it will allow you to make hundreds of new connections and show to your connections everything that traditional marketing campaigns cannot or would require a fortune to.With LinkedIn, your constructions company can grow exponentially without you giving up your free time or investing a fortune in the process – it is all a matter of making the right decisions and implementing them smartly and timely.